SHBC Gig & Session Gallery

SHBC uses Google Photos to provide all members and guests the ability to visit the album page (selected to the left) and, most importantly, contribute to the content.

The SHBC album pages are public (although we reserve the right to administer the content) so you are free to visit, post photos from the day and comment accordingly;

  • click on the link you want to post photos to;
  • when the Google Photo page loads MAKE sure it is the correct page;
  • make sure you are logged in with a Google account (you must have a Google account to post photos); and,
  • upload your photos and make any comments you want (they will be censored if necessary).

Please post your photos to the correct album as we all want the content to relate to the particular good times we had. Of course, to post to the group you will have to be a Google member.