Our Sunday Sessions have been a regular part of the club’s activities since 1994 and consist of two parts;

  • the jam – starting at 3.00 pm and finishing at 5.30 pm; and,
  • the session – where our “featured” band plays, starting at 6.00 pm through to 9.00 pm.


The jam has become a regular part the club’s being and regularly sees the best of the region’s musos playing alongside players of all ages and skill levels.

The jam master does a fantastic job of pairing up musicians to guarantee a very good mix and match of players. Whilst bands are welcomed, the jam should be considered “a jam” and, in that spirit, come on in and play with some great players “for the first time”.

Time and time again we are all amazed at what these groups can actually produce; you will be as well.


SHBC provides everything needed for a blues jam, all you have to do is bring your instruments and your talent. Guitarists please note, we all love a 67 Fender Blackface but the time it takes to set up gear eats into jamming time so, bring your guitar, your pedal and your leads and we’ll look after the rest.

Drums are supplied (of course) and our PA has DI for acoustics if needed. Our jam master is there on the day to answer any questions you may have and never fails to produce match ups that produce some damned fine blues.


As a rule we limit a set to three songs (and no, not three Creedance Clearwater Revival “Heard it on the Grapevine” long songs) or about fifteen to twenty minutes. This guarantees everyone gets a play and usually allows for mixing and matching to fit two sets in but that can vary depending on the number of players on the day.


As we mentioned, bands are welcome but are really not in the spirit of a jam. We’d rather see players getting together and playing with each other “off the cuff”, it lends itself to some really interesting sets; mistakes and in song practice are what jams are all about.


You are welcome to jam regardless of your skill level; after all without stage time how can you ever gain the experience. As a club we have watched as new players have started jamming and have grown into accomplished musicians who, in turn, are there for the new players. Come along and have a blow; you’ll be welcomed with open arms.

SHBC is proud of its Sunday Session Jam; it is a very important part of the club’s culture and we guarantee blues lovers it is well worth pencilling the day in, getting to the hall at 3.00 pm and settling in with some nibbles and a drink; you’ll love it.


In all the years we've been running the Sunday Session Jam we've never had a need to enforce any of these rules (to the great credit of all jammers) but they need to noted so here they are;

  • blues music should be the music played, we are a blues club;
  • SHBC provides a drum kit, a bass amp, guitar amps and vocal PA. Musicians are expected to provide their own guitars, drum sticks, percussion instruments, keyboards and any other equipment not supplied if required (providing it doesn't take an elephant to transport it and an hour to set it up);
  • the jam master has the last say regarding sets and has the right to refuse musicians who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
  • the jam master has the right to ask musicians to turn down the volume if it is deemed necessary. Jammers should do so without argument;
  • only musicians asked to do the set should be onstage unless specified by the the jam master;
  • if there are any disputes, SHBC has the right to reprimand the person or persons or disallow them to participate; and, 
  • musicians should take care of SHBC equipment. Failure to do so may result in the Jam being restricted and/or paying for damages.